Third Year

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  1. BSS 310 (Engineering Management) - Project Management Techniques (Rory Burke) - 2nd Edition - Brand new - R200

    MIA 320 - The impact of engineering on society - 2nd edition - Brand new - R400

    Contact: 082 six nine six 1220

  2. ALL books are brand new.

    MSD 210
    Dynamics J.L Meriam, L.G Kraige 7th ed. R500.00 (valued at R860)


    James Stewart calculus 7th ed. R250 (valued at R540)

    Differential equations (8th ed.) with boundary value problems R500 (valued at R840)

    SWK: R500 Mechanics for engineers Statics 13th with study pack (bookmark R918)

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  3. EMZ 310
    Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
    Bookmark price is R936.95
    Selling price is R820.00

    ELX 311
    Fitgerald and Kingsleys Electric Machinery
    Bookmark price is R963.95
    Selling price is R800.00

    ELI 220
    Linear Systems and Signals
    Bookmark price is R776.45
    Selling price is R500

    Cash only.
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  4. Chemical Engineering:
    3rd Year:
    1st Sem:
    CPN: Process Dynamics and Control Seborg (3rd edtion) R250
    CMO: Seperation Process Engineering Wankat 3rd edition R400
    COP: Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer Welty 6th edition R350
    2nd Sem:
    CIO: Heat and Mass Transfer Cengel 4th edition R350

    2nd Year:
    CHM226: Principles of Instrumental Analysis Holler 6th edition R350
    CTD: Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Smith 7th edition R400

    Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook 8th edition R500. Though no longer prescribed, it is still strongly recommended by staff, and is widely used during design projects as well as in practice.

    Whatsapp: 072 696 5080

  5. Brand new textbooks for sale

    EKK 320 - R600 (Bookmark price R973.95)
    Power system analysis 9781259008351

    ELI 220 - R600 (Bookmark price is R776.45)
    Linear systems and signals 9780195392562

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