Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Welcome to BEngBooks!
This is a platform by the BEngTuks team for BEng students to buy and sell their second hand textbooks.

To advertise your books click on the appropriate tab and comment on the page with the details.

To delete your advert, please email bengtuks[at]gmail.com from the email address specified in your advert, or comment on your post (reply) asking for it to be removed (This is not available for "anonymous" posters, only for posters who have posted as a signed in blogger)

BEngTuks advises users to provide only an email address, however you may provide any contact details that you so wish.

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  1. Second hand books for sale:

    1. Electrical Engineering 2013 Ed., Zekavat - R350
    2. Elementary Differential Equations 6th Ed. - R300
    3. Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers 6th Ed., Montgomery - R300

    Whatsapp: 081 403 2409